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we've got to great program planned for you today and keep that energy up. and thank you to lincoln high school. this is going to be a very exciting day as mayor lee and the giants kickoff the campaign. it is our goal along with your hope to keep san francisco clean and beautiful this wonderful city that we love for generations to come. we're going to keep you very attend let's get this program started with a beach blanket babylon with an original song and let's welcome renée wilson.
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♪ ♪ to keep you clean is why we gather here. it's time for us to care. that's why i'll help our mayor to polish every street with one big giant sweep. oh, whistle why while you work. and carefully together we'll show our pride. just like the giants we will
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triumph but there's work to do. no litering so make sure you pick up your trash. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so whistle while you work. we must work hard to reach our goal keep san francisco beautiful. just work don't be a quiter. keep our city all a glitter. san francisco.
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open your golden gate you've let no stranger wait outside your door. san francisco here is you're wondering one saying i'll litter no more. others loose only make me love you best. so listen everybody i have one request. clean up the mess. san francisco. welcome me home again. i'm coming home to leave no more. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> did you all enjoy that? let's go mustangs. that's right keep that energy going. of course, the cheerleaders are right in there. keep that energy your enthusiasm and your applause going now. it's with my honor i introduce to you the mayor of the san francisco the honorable east lee. let's give her a big hand and if
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you want to see what a world series ring looks like ask her she's got it on her finger. hunter is waiting for his. well, i'm so glad to be out here with the mustangs. you are world class students congratulations for being at lincoln high school. we've got a lot of people here today. i asked as many of our staff and city departments to join us. i want to thank scott wiener he's in the house. we've got our public works,
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we've got both our fire chief and police chief here. we have our transportation director here. our port director is here our park and recreation director. we have environment director here. yes, we of our mayor's office of disabilities here and john is here. we have our arts director here as well tom. i want to also thank all of them. i want to thank the chrnd day kids who are here as well. go get them. and i want to thank especially the president of our san francisco board of education thank you richard important being here.
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she's all of our school and everybody. lucille thank you for being here. i'm so excited. i'm so excited you, you know, tomorrow the giants starts and i hope some of you are going to be here. i still can't stop celebrating the series in san francisco. two times the last few years this time it was a sweep. when i asked the owner and the whole organization can we work with you? i've been part of an ed lee sweep but not a world series
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sweep. we took that idea and something that hunter did with all the other players when they won the series they said something that will never leave my mind about this great ball team. they played for each other. and that's what i wanted to make sure the giant sweep meant to us. the world class students, residents, businesses we want to play important each other. we want to make sure others are always welcome. we know that if we keep the trash off our streets it will make us provided and maybe a
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world series with the giants. yes as well as you'll our others sports team. you live here and you know it your parents are part of this effort. i want to marry that everybody participants. we're going to have ever neighborhood, every business raise their consciousness so that the trash is not just picked up by public works but make sure we all not throw our trash down. you see somebody get non-mini speak to that person and say hey, it's everybody's responsibility. with that i want to say thank
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you to everybody for helping us to launch it here in the school of hoilg. but the best is yet to come and lincoln high school gets to start the world series san francisco. let's get it done. give it up for their ed lee. he is ready to go. next up we'd like to hear from the supervisors ladies and gentlemen students a round of appraised for carmen chu. all right. everybody when i say lincoln you say keep ready.
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lincoln. sweep. all right. thank you so much i'm here to welcome you all to the beautiful sin set district. and i want to thank you for principle payne. can we hear a loud applause for the principle. i think what the mayor said was right on we all have to come together and pick up the trash. so i want to welcome you to our beautiful district and your beautiful reconcile and thank the giants for sweeping and going on to do another sweep. thank you. now we're going to hear from the member of the san francisco giants organization an
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organization by the way, that priced itself on being a strong partner in san francisco and a team player when it comes to living in san francisco to work and visit. now let's welcome stacey. >> thank you on behalf of the entire giants organization we're thiefrd to be here and we're provided of this initiative. when you come out to the games you're going to see a lot of the information on the sweep so thank you everybody. thank you stacey.
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although, i know it's hard to sit still you want to get up and give a sink? that's what i'm talking about. lucille. all right. now i'm going to bring to the podium mahammod is mr. clean. let's hear it everybody for muhammad mr. clean. and how we all doing? all right. all right. let me first say a great thank you to marry ed lee for the vision and the encourage for him
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to bring us altogether to stress cleanliness. our mayor is a man who brings people together but more importantly he gets things done. (applauding). and as you heard from him ed is a leader and a team player. you see many of the heads of the families here today because this is a very important campaign. this is the giants sweep. today when i drive around our city streets you look at the our bus stops and trash cans you see gum on our sidewalks and cigarette butts. you go into our parks you see people who have left pet waste
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and have not picked up after themselves. this means somebody else is going to have to pick up after them. our job today is to let its going to take all of us individually to do our part to make san francisco clean. and as you haired in the mayor the giants did it last year the way they sweetie pie the tigers. we're going to use that philosophy and get san francisco clean. by joining this campaign you'll get information on you can join our school program our dr. block program and many altercate
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programs that we're offering you. are we ready to get this task done? this effort will lead to a krurlt that will bring awareness to our city. and no matter what part of the city you live in san francisco should be clean. our staff works 24 hours, 7 days a week. we've been picking up litter by month matter how much we work there is no one individual we all have to clean together.
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today, we're empowering our young people that will carry forth many generations for people to come to san francisco. let's go giant sweep. >> all right. thank you so much mahammod. and we're counting on you and all people all over san francisco. and the school is an important part and we will e we need tour contempt we need your participation. as i said earlier this is about making san francisco's beautiful and for generations to come as well. and let's welcome the san francisco board president rachel
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norton. >> any giant fans in the house? i'm a little star stuck-up here we've got the mayor, we've got the police chief and the fire chief. i want to thank mayor lee for your leadership for bringing this together. and i want to thank the giant for helping us to remember we're part of a team. we stress sustainability in how we manage our buildings and we're diverting our trash away from the landfills and you're
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helping us do that. so we're asking for your help again. this is going to be a fun activity there's going to be contests and you'll be winning stuff. thank you, very much. >> thank you rachel for your contempt to education. well students are getting involved in the giant sweep and right now we have two student leaders. that's right you give it up for your student leaders. >> all right. lincoln high school. how you feeling today?
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>> it's so nice to see many of you coming out today to celebrate the giant sweep in joining with our schools and, of course, the san francisco giants. >> you guys want to know why this is important? because it gives us the chance to work with the police department and the fire department. and it gives us the opportunity to be the leaders and as a whole we can really make a difference. >> by sometimes young people get on unfair wrap for not caring about the world around us. we do but sometimes, we don't know how to show it or what to
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do >> and i want to make a really, really good point san francisco lincoln school is the only school that supports picking up trash and the giant with sweep. >> giant sweep is a way for us the young people to build our community. >> so let's kickoff the giant sweep. >> thank you and please give it up for kimberly and her friend. >> well, certainly there's layoff a lot to cheer when it comes to the giant sweep.
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so are you ready to get fired up? let me just say as a former cheerleader i am now introducing to you, your lincoln high school cheerleading squad. >> ready? >> lincoln you say? >> lincoln here we go. you say willing. let's go listening.
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lincoln. come on let's go listening. l i nc l o n. that's right. let's go. red and blue. red and gold. red and gold. we are lincoln. let's go lincoln. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right. let's here if
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for you lincoln cheerleading squad. you you know, i had to get here a little early to get that down. i appreciate that. at this time, i'd like to ask the children from the day school to come down. give it up for your second-graders everybody. show them your love everybody. come in come on. hi kids. hi. this is fantastic. oh, this takes me back to my
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high school assembly. now we're going to hear now from the man who earned the index name the preacher. we'll never forgot his talks. show your love right now and give it up for giants right fielder. hunter. >> yeah. hello lincoln high school. how's it going out there. how do you feel about san
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francisco giant chamber? pretty amazing. we definitely wouldn't have done it without the help of everyone in san francisco. there were so many people who were involved just besides us and i think if you look back at what really went on in the playoffs we made a decision when we were detain 2 games from the cincinnati reds. we had an easy decision to make. it would have been pretty easy to give up. i remember we heard on the radio that there was no way the 70
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giepts were going to win. well, we decided to make a decision we weren't going to play four ourselves we were going to play for each other. we didn't care if with had to win a hundred games we were going to win that day. it's the same challenge we ask i. there's a decision everyday between what's right. and what's easy. it's easy to look away but i've been in a lot of cities and san francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. i absolutely love it here he every time i go to the

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